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PredictiMed™ is one of the most robust, scalable and flexible predictive software on the market today. PredictiMed™ algorithms are scientifically based metrics that collect verifiable, actual or best-evidenced health data. We predict the danger level of disease progression and apply preemptive intervention to prevent it. Each of our predictive results is confirmed, and each level of disease risk category is verified.


Our predictive software model is a scientifically based tool intended for hospitals and providers, insurance plans and brokers, actuaries and re-insurance, self-insured and fully-insured employers.


We use credible, available data, verify its authenticity, aggregate and analyze it by our statistically smart proprietary software to get the most accurate results. Our predictive accuracy is up to 80%. For customers with a special requirement, we will customize according to the client’s needs.

PredictiMed™ predictive model is certified by Intel/GE Institute for Remote Care and Population Management Health Sectors.

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