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Client Testimonials

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Health Insurance Broker

US HealthCenter has worked with our company since November of 2016. We were seeking a wellness partner to help facilitate their unique combination of voluntary benefits with wellness. At the time, we were working with an internationally recognized health system to deliver wellness services. USHC was chosen to provide wellness services because of their exceptional ability to couple wellness with insurance solutions, namely voluntary and group medical. We imbedded the Personal Health Dashboard, Wholeistic™ Coaching, HealthCounts, and biometric screening into many of its offerings. Additionally, a self-funded group health plan USHC had co-developed was brought to the marketplace by us. After this first generation of group health coupled with voluntary benefits and wellness, we have developed other insurance products including a captive insurance program, and small group insurance solutions for select markets. Together new products are being developed and launched including insurance enrollment and new custom voluntary benefits. 

Working with USHC has been a breeze because they are a caring group of talented people who work each day to make a difference in your employee’s lives.  Changing outcomes is about connecting at a personal level and USHC understands this.

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Regional Insurance Broker

US HealthCenter has worked with our company since March of 2008, initially serving our employees as a wellness provider, utilizing the Personal Health Dashboard™, predictive modeling, Wholeistic™ Coaching, and biometrics. We have achieved and been recognized with the highest industry honors by many external organizations for its wellness programs and culture, and USHC has been a significant part of that process.


Since inception, the strategy has been to develop unique combinations of insurance and wellness to our clients. We have primarily been a property and causality broker, as well as small group benefits with fully insured carriers. In 2017, a strategy was hatched to bring unique self-funded arrangements based on risk to the marketplace, and that has resulted in the development of a new and robust health plan offering that is getting great acceptance in the market. USHC has been a foundational member of the development team because of its ability to span the care continuum from risk identification and care compliance, as well as participation engagement and management.  

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National TPA

We are a national Third Party Administration (TPA) company. In early 2014 US HealthCenter (USHC) began the process of seeking a specific TPA partner to evolve its already developed unique and innovative health benefit plans that would be distributed throughout the country. As such, USHC sought a premier TPA which provided the very unique attributes USHC’s required.


Since its inception, several products have been developed, including sophisticated reference-based pricing approaches, MEC plans and a family of ready to go plans that lower employer cost through better contracting. The Precis Plan was the flagship product, and other products and services continue to evolve off that initial design. USHC has been instrumental in the development of these approaches and significantly contributed to its acceptance in the marketplace through business development efforts. This has resulted in servicing over 35,000 new lives since the relationship began.

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Hospital System

Our hospital system has worked with US HealthCenter since 2015 and we couldn't be more pleased with the partnership and the results. Since program inception, their staff and processes have helped us measure and manage risk in our employee population. The program started with our main campus but has now expanded to almost all of our affiliate campuses which includes 6 hospitals and related clinics and almost 15,000 employees of very diverse population.  

As a hospital, it is important to operate with clinical efficacy since many of our employees are clinicians, providers, technicians and scientists and are particular about health data and approaches. Not only do we use the PredictiMed™ Program to measure and monitor health, but we have integrated our own education into the PHD™ and our health coaches and disease managers use the CoachTracker to record and manage their encounters. Over the last three years, our Financial Health Risk Burden across our population has been reduced by 10.99%.    

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Retail Chain

Our national retail chain has 280 store locations and 2,400 full-time benefit-eligible employees in a diverse population including retail outlets, distribution centers and headquarter personnel. US HealthCenter has been our chosen wellness provider since 2011. With their help and guidance, we provide health screenings at our headquarter and distribution center locations, onsite MDs and education for some locations, incentive tracking and integration with our HR enrollment systems, and predictive modeling of our health risks. Their predictive modeling helps us understand risks by division and across our culture and has helped sculpt our approach to engagement with our rewards program. The USHC HealthCounts™ program and challenges help us keep our associates on track with their health and wellness engagement and education. We have been able to adjust the program over time to accommodate our very diverse population and ever-changing needs.  

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Health System

Our Health System has worked with USHC and licensed their PredictiMed™ program since 2006. The PredictiMed™ program is an integral part of our Employer Solutions Health and Wellness Offerings. Using the predictive modeling, Personal Health Dashboard™, lab data integration, health coaching platform, and HealthCounts™ incentive program, we are able to keep up and stay ahead of the ever-changing wellness industry. We serve dozens of employers with very diverse populations.  

We are a national health system, and in Wisconsin, we have 13,000 associates that manage over 25 hospitals and 110 clinics, so our brand is important as our clients rely on us to deliver the best solutions in the market. USHC has also helped us continue to evolve the way we use the PredictiMed™ tools, helping us better use the data to steer participants to our health services and offerings. Their condition-based predictive modeling and the engagement tools help us be a unique leader in the employer wellness industry. We have seen many employers’ health risks decrease significantly and help the healthy stay that way by working together with USHC.   

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National TPA and Health Share Provider

We are a national TPA based out of the west coast with a focus on individual health share plans and small group plan administration. US Health was selected by us to help evolve its mission of a community of sharing and cost containment. Utilizing the Personal Health Dashboard™, biometrics screenings, Wholeistic™ Coaching and HealthCounts, we are better equipped to assess and manage risk using predictive modeling and personalized member engagement.  

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National Insurance Broker

I wanted to let everyone know that you [US HealthCenter] have done an exceptional job with my two new large clients-not that you don’t always.  The owner of ABC Co. gave the whole process a thumbs up and is planning on introducing us to other franchise owners in the next few months.  
My other client said that the process has been a breath of fresh air after dealing with other companies in this space in the past.  They love the quick responses and the way issues are dealt with.  

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