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Consultants / Brokers

Consultants & Brokers

With health care costs rising, consultants, actuaries, and brokers need new predictive modeling tools and services that can help their clients and partners do more than shift costs or bend trends. Reduce costs permanently through value base plan design measures that are driven by targeted interventions.

What if you could tell what medical costs were facing your clients next year - by condition, by location, by department - so that they can be prevented?


Let us show you how our predisease and end-stage predictive modeling tools identify high-risk pre and post-claimants. We will demonstrate for you how these tools create intelligent data that allows us to design a plan to guaranteed reduced costs.


Put our data to use by adding in Wholeistic™ Health Coaching and Health Counts rewards plans and systems and we will guarantee you get results with performance-based contracts.

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