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Headquartered in Milwaukee, WI, US HealthCenter is a leading healthcare organization providing services in pre-disease, disease, and post disease periods. The company uses predictive analytics to focus on member participation and adhesion to the health management programs, ultimately improving care.

Value-Based Care with Advanced Analytics

In an interview with CIO LOOK, Gavin Quinnies, CEO of US HealthCenter, guides us on how to reduce healthcare costs using an incentivized proactive
approach, providing expertise to improve people's health and understand healthcare delivery patterns.

Providing Options in Reducing Health Costs

Leveraging USHC's ability to predict future health per individual is the basis for its ability to engage with members specifically around their past, present and future using a unique Wholeistic™ approach, USHC's personal health advocates, Wholeistic™. Health Coaches, works with the member and their provider to prevent and manage all types of potential diseases including metabolics, cancers, mental nervous, and musculoskeletal, to reduce cost and improve quality of life. 

The 10 Best Corporate Wellness Providers

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