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PredictiMed    Health Management System


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Personal Health Dashboard

The Personal Health Dashboard™ (PHD) is a confidential and dynamic AI-based user portal and mobile app utilizing a responsive design that provides a seamless, personalized user experience. It contains a thorough health profile including biometrics, DNA, demographics, pharmaceutical information, medical history, lifestyle, and other data to measure health status year-over-year. 


The PHD also includes a medical library,  risk resolutions, wellness modules, a health mall, wearable tracking statistics, and various health assessments making it a comprehensive health and wellness management site. 



NaviCare Health Coach Tracker

The NaviCare Program tool assists health practitioners in managing interactions with participants such as setting goals, tracking appointments, and collecting data on attained and not attained goals.

The Health Coach Tracker is also a data mining tool using filters to apply searches to categories including participation, demographics, lifestyle categories, disease categories, biometric test values, Wellcentive Score, and many other parameters.

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Corporate Health Profile

Our clients are provided access to an administrative reporting dashboard.  Our team also provides a confidential Executive Summary Report based on the analysis of health risks and behaviors of the population and presents it to management.

Reports include lifestyle risks, predisease risks, disease, absenteeism and presenteeism, participation details, readiness to change, biometric results, WellCentive scores, risk burden and potential savings (ROI) based on the predictive modeling.

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Health Counts

Our Health Counts module is an effective incentive tool that is essential for managing engagement and tracking healthful behaviors.

By creating campaigns and activities for the participants, your team can motivate participants by awarding points. Whether you want to run a step challenge, a healthy eating campaign, or a mindfulness series, our platform can accommodate your needs. Connect your Fitbit, Garmin or Apple Watch directly to your PHD for easy tracking. This ensures that you can track the progress of group participation. 

Market Analysis

Sweeper Claims

Our Sweeper Claims Analysis Tool allows for the analysis of medical claim events to search for trends, measure success, evaluate spend and compare different segments of the population.


Content Management System

Our Content Management System module allows for customization of certain content visible to users on their Personal Health Dashboard (PHD).

Customize tabs, videos, information and other data such as questionnaires, surveys, protocola

Guaranteed Outcomes

Predict & Prevent

US HealthCenter’s proprietary HRA predicts and classifies 35 conditions of which we stratify into different levels based on a combination of factors.  Using this predictive modeling approach, we typically identify 20% to 40% of the population as either previously diagnosed or at high risk for a Predisease condition or biometric score. Our predisease algorithms predict future disease costs, which significantly improves the ability to measure R.O.I.

Full Integration

PredictiMed™ is a unique, fully integrated technology suite designed to assist in establishing a healthier lifestyle while increasing productivity and reducing total healthcare costs.

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