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Success Stories

What the Experts Say

“The Institute had the opportunity to validate PredictiMed’s™ ability to identify and lower the predisease high risk level, which may precipitate a higher use of ER and hospital services, in thirteen major disease categories to a lower level where the pre-emptive intervention can be applied and thus reduce the incidence of ER visits and hospitalizations between 80 and 93%, depending on the disease category.”
    - Validation Institute, 
      by Intel GE Care Innovations 


"Finally provides an integrated solution set to work with patients, doctors “PredictiMed™  and employers - it brings all the pieces together.”
   - Diane D., BSN, RN, CHON, COCM
      Healthcare Clinic Owner &

Wellness Consultant

What our Customers Say

“PredictiMed™ provides us with a solid product and great partnership value, enabling us to fulfill our community mission. Partnering together with US HealthCenter, we have reduced the health costs of our own employees and worked to assist our local business community to do the same.  We are pleased to have a partner in wellness who can add value and provide flexible options in responding to our rapidly changing competitive environment.”
   - Curt S., VP HR, Medical Clinic

The participant health risk profile report was one of the most thorough and informative reports I’ve ever seen.  Our physician staff found this to be an enjoyable, seamless process and would do it again

- Hospital System, CA

What our Participants Say

"My health coach always encouraged me to continue.  She would say "good job"  and "keep going!" She was always there to answer any questions that I had. She gave me so much helpful information. I really enjoyed being in the program."
   - Sheronika
   Huntsville, AL


“My goal was to lose 25 lbs in 3 mo.  I am 5 lbs away with 3 weeks to go. I will make it.  I chose to do this by eating right and adding a few more days of exercise into my weekly routine. Having high blood pressure the health coach was able to provide information on nutritional habits that can help..”

Elkhorn, WI


“The Personal Health Dashboard was super easy to use and really helped me understand my health and talk to my doctor, and earning points along the way was cool.” 
       - Program Participant

More Success Stories...

My coaches are instrumental in helping to acclimate to the workplace fitness environment.


Cullman, Alabama

I lost 25 pounds since January 13 2016, lowered my cholesterol by 26 points, and lowered my blood sugar.  I’m no longer pre-diabetic!


Reno, NV

My health coach has been a great partner. I have always had a lifestyle that did not promote good health. I always knew what to do but did not have the motivation to get it done. My health coach does not just preach the same old song of eat healhier, exercise more. She gives me realistic advice that has been working for my personal challenges.


Milwuakee, WI

Eating healthier and working out and having someone tell me that these things take time- it doesn't happen overnight.


Fort Atkinson, WI

After my screening and HRA, I was surprised how my diabetes was affecting my health in other ways.  Working with my coach enabled me to get things under control and reduce other risks.

Program Participant

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