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Don Marette

Chief Marketing Officer

US HealthCenter has worked with Noveta since November of 2016. Noveta was seeking a wellness partner to help facilitate their unique combination of voluntary benefits with wellness. At the time, Noveta was working with an internationally recognized health system to deliver wellness services. USHC was chosen to provide wellness services because of their exceptional ability to couple wellness with insurance solutions, namely voluntary and group medical. Noveta imbedded the Personal Health Dashboard, Wholeistic™ Coaching, HealthCounts and biometric screening into many of its offerings. Additionally, a self-funded group health plan USHC had co-developed was brought to the marketplace by Noveta. After this first generation of group health coupled with voluntary benefits and wellness, Noveta has developed other insurance products including a captive insurance program, and small group insurance solutions for select markets. Together new products are being developed and launched including insurance enrollment and new custom voluntary benefits. 

“Working with USHC has been a breeze because they are a caring group of talented people who work each day to make a difference in your employee’s lives.  Changing outcomes is about connecting at a personal level and USHC understands this.”

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Tim Starr
CEO, The Starr Group
(414) 322-7805

US HealthCenter has worked with the Starr Group since March of 2008, initially serving their employees as a wellness provider, utilizing the Personal Health Dashboard, predictive modeling, Wholeistic™ Coaching and biometrics. The Starr Group has achieved and been recognized with the highest industry honors by many external organizations for its wellness programs and culture, and USHC has been a significant part of that process. Since inception, the strategy has been to develop unique combinations of insurance and wellness to Starr clients. Starr has primarily been a property and causality broker, as well as small group benefits with fully insured carriers. In 2017, a strategy was hatched to bring unique self-funded arrangements based on risk to the marketplace, and that has resulted in the development of a new and robust health plan offering that is getting great acceptance in the market. USHC has been a foundational member of the development team because of its ability to span the care continuum from risk identification and care compliance, as well as participation engagement and management.  



Paul Carter

HMA is a national Third Party Administration (TPA) company. In early 2014 US HealthCenter (USHC) began the process of seeking a specific TPA partner to evolve its already developed unique and innovative health benefit plans that would be distributed throughout the country. As such, USHC sought a premier TPA which provided the very unique attributes USHC’s required. Since its inception, several products have been developed, including sophisticated reference based pricing approaches, MEC plans and a family of ready to go plans that lower employer cost through better contracting. The Precis Plan was the flagship product, and other products and services continue to evolve off that initial design. USHC has been instrumental in the development of these approaches and significantly contributed to its acceptance in the marketplace through business development efforts. This has resulted in servicing over 35,000 new lives since the relationship began.

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