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The PredictiMed   Plan


The PredictiMed    Plan


Four Building Blocks

Four tried and true building blocks come together to form the foundation of the PredictiMed™ plan:

  1. Unique Underwriting

  2. Sophisticated Hospital Partnering

  3. Voluntary Benefits & HRA/FSA/DCA Programs

  4. Proven Health & Wellbeing Programs

Manage and Save

The program enables Benefit Consultants and Employers to manage risk, plan for the future, control the uncontrollable, take care of your people, reduce your cost now, prevent cost later and improve your benefits year over year.        

Included in the plan:

TPA • Challenges/Activities  • PBM  •  
Biometric Screenings  • EAP  • Narrow Networks •  Telemedicine  •   COBRA •  Case Management/UR  •  Wellness  •  Wholeistic™ Coaching

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