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Case Study -Healthcare Provider

The Client

This client is a Midwest, one hundred bed hospital with thirty clinics and 1500 employees.


The Problem

The client was looking for a Population Health Management solution for their employees.  The long-term goal was to implement a solution internally and then expand programs into corporate and community health initiatives in subsequent years.  


The Process

The client implemented a premium reduction in year one for completion of biometric screening and Health Risk Assessment (HRA) as a baseline for year two when they moved to a results-oriented program incenting based on a combination of “Predisease” health factors identified in the biometric screening and HRA.  The client used a coaching vendor in year two and in year three expanded their program in-house, certifying a department of Wellness Navigators in preparation for the Corporate and Community expansion.  US HealthCenter, in conjunction with Health Coaches of America, trained and certified the navigators on wellness coach protocol and modification interviewing techniques.  Together we have just launched our first corporate and community clients in year three of our partnership. 


The Result

Participation rates for those enrolled in the medical plan have averaged 80% over the last three years.   The client has used the aggregate data to strategically target highest exposures of risk and potential cost with targeted initiatives for Back Problems, Sedentary Lifestyle, Depression/Anxiety/GERD, Obesity and weight loss and personal coaching with wellness navigators for targeted predisease and condition coaching.  The client also executed a new hire tobacco-free policy following the aggregate findings after year one.  Over the last three years, the client has experienced a 38% improvement of Total Risk Burden in their repeat participant population.



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