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Case Study -Government

The Client

A municipality located in Merrill, WI with about 500 participate each year.  Spouses were included if they were on the medical plan.


The Problem

High health care costs motivated them to intervene with wellness initiatives in 2011.


The Process

2011-2012 was a participatory wellness program (complete the Biometrics & HRA) to earn the Wellness Rate.  Beginning in 2013 – 2014, participants had to meet a WellCentive Score of 70 or improve by 5 points over last year’s score. 


From 2016-present day, a tobacco piece has been added.  Tobacco users enroll in coaching to earn the Wellness Rate (Score of 70 or higher or improve by 5 points is still in place). 


Anyone not meeting the standard of 70 or higher or no improvement has the opportunity to complete a Road to Wellness program to remain compliant. 


Tobacco users complete the Tobacco Cessation module along with 6 telephonic coaching sessions.


The Result

  • Tobacco use is declining.  (Graph A) See Total Significant Lifestyle Comparison chart below.

  • Wellcentive scores are improving. (Graph B) See Average WellCentive Scores chart below.

  • Blood Chemistries improved across the board.  (Graph C) See Significantly High Abnormal Comparison- Blood Chemistries below.

Graph A

Graph B

Total Significant Risk Lifestyle Comparison Graph
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