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Case Study -Manufacturer

The Client

The client is a Midwest wholesale distributor with over thirteen locations and 700 employees.


The Problem

The client was looking for a new Population Health Management solution for their employees and spouses on the medical plan. The longer-term goal was to reduce cost relating to health risks.

The Process

The client implemented a premium incentive for employees and spouses for completing a biometric screening, Health Risk Assessment and achieving a set score. Participants who did not achieve the score were able to engage in a coaching program designed to support and assist them to improve their overall biometrics and risks. After year one, employees and spouses were able to earn the incentive based on the score or by a specific improvement percentage. US HealthCenter and Health Coaches of America trained coaches worked with participants throughout the year and enabled participants to earn a reward for completing a series of coaching sessions. Additionally, lunch and learn seminars and group challenges occurred throughout the year to help build a culture of wellness.


The Result

Participation rates for all employees averaged 57%; however, it is important to note that only half of the employee population holds medical insurance through this client. Overall predisease exposures were reduced by $679 per participant and total risk burden over time was reduced by $629 per participant representing over a 10% reduction. Additionally, those who engaged in the coaching program from 2014-2015 were tracked to provide insight into the impact of coaching. The predisease direct medical cost savings for the coaching cohort was 54%  in one year.



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